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OmniStill is a new media art form developed in the Netherlands by Sandra van Selst (Photographer) and Thanassis Pliakis (Sound Designer, MPSE).

​OmniStill set off originally by experimenting with elements that could increase the impact of human interest photos. The aim of the concept was to create an "image with a story" where the story was told by an engaging picture and the use of sound.  With that in mind an advanced 3D sound model was engineered which was combined with the image. The art form was unveiled to the public at the photo exposition "The Sound of Silence" which was held in the Netherlands in February 2020. Since then the form is being further developed but always based on the original idea.

Buildup and engagement

OmniStill comprises a static image accompanied by a 3D hyperrealistic soundtrack. The sound elements and any music involved are implemented typically in a diegetic manner. The strong relation being created between the static image and the continuously developing immersive sound is the key driver behind the concept.

The sound, being of fine 3D quality, enhances the perception of reality in such an accurate way that "being there" appears extremely solid. Result is that the engagement with the image is heightened dramatically as the observer, inspired by the audio positional information gradually builds up his own unique version of space reality and storytelling.

OmniStill creations can be experienced exclusively on headphones. They can be presented in physical form (exposition, public space, printwork) or digitally (PC, tablet, smartphone and public space). Special attention is also given to accessibility in order to create the best possible experience for the visually impaired.


OmniStill applies to galleries, museums, photographers, graphic designers, illustrators, artistic painters as well as corporate businesses and advertising agencies.

Not all images are suitable for Omnistill processing. Nevertheless the range of choice remains quite generous from an engaging and expressive photo up to a master painting. "The Night-Watch"? Why not?

Two women at a photo exposition wearing headphones and looking at OmniStill images
 Four women in back view at a photo exposition all wearing headphones are looking at OmniStill images
Bus shelter ad in Athens (OmniStill)
Original poster: AKOU NA ΔΕΙΣ (Listen to See)
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